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Versace, Maserati, private jets. What do the lives of “Christian celebrities” look like? Costi Hinn pays a visit to the bunker to chat about the ostentatious lifestyle he experienced growing up around his uncle Benny Hinn.

Costi has recently authored God, Greed, and the (Prosperity) Gospel: How Truth Overwhelms a Life Built on Lies where he not only exposes the fallacies of the prosperity gospel and its dangers, but the means God used to open his eyes to the truths of Scripture and the value of a godly wife throughout the process.

Do prosperity gospel teachers genuinely believe the message they preach? The answer may surprise you!

Some issues in the church are unlikely to go away anytime soon. Unfortunately, reports of spiritual, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse keep surfacing in Christian circles everywhere, so the Spin team examines the scars of emotional abuse in particular and the parameters of the authority that church leadership has over their congregants.

What does consist as an abusive behavior? What is the authority given to leaders in the church, and is there a tool or system to curb and restrain abuse of power? How does one to proceed when spiritual or emotional abuse is detected, but there’s no obvious criminality involved? 

Among his many qualifications, Neil Shenvi is a critical theory analyst. His broad understanding of the subject allows us to learn about critical theory’s greatest past and present supporters, as well as the danger it can pose for Christianity. Neil warns against uncritically adopting liberation theology and the extreme heterodoxy of some of its proponents. 

What is the end goal of critical theory? Why have so many Christians been falling for its tenets, and where does the slippery slope start? Is there a connection between critical theory and identity politics? Carl pulls on his pink (OK, salmon-colored) pants to join Todd and Aimee for this engaging episode.

Carl, Todd, and Aimee are sitting on a blanket under a tree, bickering over who’s been reading the best summer books. As it’s hard to point to one book among the stacks and stacks of good stuff out there, the trio decides to compromise, and share some of their recent favorites.

From their picks, you’ll get a little flavor of several different genres—Christian and non-Christian alike—both, meant to cause one to think on matters of life and death. Get a pen and paper and start taking note of their recommendations.  Tell us what you’ve been reading by tagging us on social media: #MortificationOfSpin

Emily Zinos visits the bunker. Her Twitter description reads: “Woman, Wife, Mother, Catholic. I've given birth seven times; you don't scare me”. 

Emily has written an article addressing the latest transgender movement titled "Sex Is Better than Gender"; and the trio wants to dig into the topic a little deeper. Mrs. Zinos tells about how she got involved in the fight against gender identity ideology in the public school system, and why language plays a vital part in forwarding this social issue. The word "gender" is being used in different ways by different groups of people, but Emily breaks down the most frequent uses and offers a much better option to eliminate the gender confusion.

You must listen to find out if a woman can still be a woman if she drives a truck and smokes cigars!


The Spin Squad strikes again! The current mission is to put the kibosh on the latest trend in evangelicalism: the dreaded “personality tests.”

 What are the origins of the Enneagram? Can people really be defined and perfectly fit into one of its nine categories? Should Christians rely on such tests, like the Myers-Briggs, for direction in life and ministry? 

 Since all nine Enneagram categories are pretty positive, you’ll discover just how great you really are, and how much awesomeness you can offer to your local church and beyond! Carl swears that this is very much an “American thing;” he’s taken the test, and didn’t fit any of the categories. Even John Paul II has something to say about such fads. Listen in!

Kevin Vanhoozer joins the team for a conversation about his latest book Hearers and Doers: A Pastor’s Guide to Making Disciples through Scripture and Doctrine. Kevin is the Research Professor of Systematic Theology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and a prolific author. In Hearers and Doers, Kevin draws the connection between doctrine, discipleship and pastoral ministry for spiritual wholeness.

Is discipleship an optional part of Christianity? Tune in for this fascinating conversation about the cultural secularization of the idea of wellness (as opposed to the biblical definition), and its relationship to discipleship.

While Todd is having some Tex-Mex with friends at the PCA General Assembly, Carl and Aimee take a look at the latest resolutions and issues happening there, and at the Southern Baptist Convention, because—frankly—nothing interesting ever happens in the OPC!

The stalwart duo discusses the structure of ecclesiastical bodies, the function of committee reports, and how much binding power they have. C & A also assess the power of parachurch organizations, and all the hubbub among celebrity pastors on Twitter. Who needs reality shows, with all the Christian drama on social media! 

Despite Carl’s incessant prayers, the Lord has not granted the desires of his heart concerning his co-hosts! Nevertheless, he’s learning to be content with Todd and Aimee. Does God always listen to the prayers of His people? If so, why don’t we always get a positive outcome? What, then, is the purpose of praying?

Along with their thoughts on prayer, the trio reflects on the spin that death has taken on in these modern days. Are there lessons to be learned as we stand in the presence of a dead or dying loved one?

Who would have thought a few years ago that today, blogging would be considered a great intellectual exercise…in comparison to the complex ideas we now try to discuss in 280 characters or less?

The ugliness of Christians belittling other Christians on social media can be disheartening, indeed. But is there any salvageable reason for keeping a Twitter or Facebook account? The trio comes out to discuss the topic, among others. Our spin-killers touch on the self-promotion of failed ministers who left wreckage behind them, and are now capitalizing on their comeback stories of “grace and redemption.” How have Christians come to ignore the biblical qualifications of church leaders where a ‘Christian celebrity’ is concerned?